Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping with Humor

It's Thanksgiving week and that means everyone is thinking, well, not of the yummy turkey, but rather the shopping that will commence the day after!
In a way, that's sad. Poor turkey. So neglected.
However, it IS shopping season and that's where I come in!
Handcrafted jewelry makes great gifts. And mine starts at just $13 (and Free US Shipping ALWAYS!)
Don't just think of friends and family. Think of your hairdresser, nanny, kid's teacher(s), postal woman, neighbor you've borrowed a cup of sugar from, your local coffee house barista who knows to get you your coffee before you go through caffeine withdrawal, your friendly bartender who listens to all your drama, your pharmacist who keeps you in valium, the dog groomer who shaves your poodle into funny shapes, as a bribe for your son's girlfriend to stay away from him,
or maybe you say the hell with all of them and just buy some goodies for yourself!
Whomever you buy for, I just hope you buy from me...I'm not gonna lie. There are some amazing crafters out there, many who follow my blog (hello!) however, I'd really like it if you bought a little something from yours-truly.
I hope this made you giggle a little bit today. I hope your turkeys are thawed out by Thanksgiving (mine wasn't last year, had spaghetti for dinner) and that you all remember the most important rule of the Thanksgiving...
That is all.
Happy Turkey Day Everyone--Much Love and Many Hugs!!!
Until next time...

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