Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Camelot in the Spring!

Please come and check out my treasuries--the newest one should have you dreaming of the Knights of the Round Table!

Medieval Metals:

Don't Know Yet:

Sand and Sea:

Thanks for looking!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Treasuries Galore--And a hint of Spring!

It's rainy and ookie here on a Monday in the North East, so I wanted to post a little Spring color for you guys and also my links to three tresuries I currently have going. I hope you enjoy them!
Happy Monday!
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Monday, April 5, 2010

New + History

I've made new pieces!

Ok, only four...but still...there's new goodies to see.

Springtime is 'occasion' season. Graduations, weddings, communions/confirmations and of course there are most certainly birthdays to be had!

I never make the same piece twice. I may make similar pieces in different color combinations, but the actual piece that you get from me is the only one that I've made.

Take the earrings above. I may make a similar pair using a Swarovski crystal drop or a stone bead, but the ones above will be the only pair using ivory freshwater pearls that I do.

Doing this for 10+ years, it gets hard sometimes to make sure duplicates aren't done. That's another reason for photographing everything. Having a record really helps me from thinking I've been 'inspired' to realizing that I've copied my own work. lol

There is of course an exception to the 'one of a kind' rule--that is: bridesmaids.

I've done wedding jewelry before and hope to more in the future. If a bride wants to order uniform pieces for her bridesmaids, I will certainly accomodate.

The only other time (and the last time I do this) that I've duplicated a piece was when someone noticed this necklace I created:
I love this piece.
Problem is, it was an 'accidental' piece! An experiment that just happened to go right.
Then someone emailed me and asked if I could make another one. It was almost a year later and I had forgotten how I had done the first one. (Again, I was playing around the first time--oops!) The second one took quite a while, wasted a lot of silver and because I had promised it at the price that the first one sold for, I lost out in the long run.
So I went back to my original plan of creating only one of a kind pieces.
I've gone on longer in this post than I have in quite some time...I shall now end this one. Just thought I'd give you all a little history into my creative process.
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