Monday, March 29, 2010

New Goodies, New Treasury and Nyquil

What a night! Listed new pieces, lucked out getting a new (and rather colorful treasury) and am fighting a cold that has me all kinds of icky. (NYQUIL RULES!)

Tonight I listed new Spring-y pieces that I hope all of you will enjoy checking out. Like the piece above! I hope you'll go to my shop and check out the other new pieces:

My new treasury is all about the greens and blues. I call it Grass and Sky:

I'm never at a loss for a title of my treasuries but today I just couldn't think of one. Thankfully I saw the name of the earrings from SailorgirlJewelry that are included in the treasury and it all came together!

So that's what's going on right now. Just a quick post and run for this evening.

Happy Monday!

Until next time...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bunnies & Springtime

Tonight I came home to find that I had been featured in a wonderful Springtime treasury.

It has been a while since someone else has put me in one of theirs and it was such a nice surprise to see!

I also came home just in time to snag a treasury of my own.

Mine is called, Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail: and the one that I'm featured in is called, The Sweetness of Spring:

It seems that Spring is on everyone's mind tonight as I was able to visit many treasuries and see that it was quite the popular theme.

In keeping with tonight's mood, I'm sharing with you another one of my photos that I took here in town last Spring during the height of when the Cherry Blossoms were in bloom. I hope you enjoy it!

So, on this rainy, miserable night, I leave you all with thoughts of fuzzy bunnies, blooming flowers and bright and pretty colors!

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All About the Ombre!

Ombre is back big time this season!
Ok, so you've never heard that term huh? No problem, I'm here to let you know what it is.
Simply put, ombre is when colors fade into each other.
It can be white fading into darker purples (look at my earrings here as an example) or one color fading into another--think of a sunset. Blues fading into oranges into reds. That is ombre.
This season, it's everywhere!
From jewelry, to scarves and sweaters, to jeans and skirts....lots of color and creativity to be found.
I was inspired by this to create a treasury of ombre jewelry and maybe it will inspire your creative visions as well:
If you get the chance, take a peek before it expires and if you miss it, you can search the terms 'ombre' and 'fading' into Etsy and see the wonderful pieces that come up.
Have a great day!
Until next time...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back with NEW goodies!

Hey all!
I've been creating again and listed a bunch of my new pieces today.
They are different from my past work and I'm very excited to get them out there for everyone to see!
You can check out a preview of them to the right or visit my Etsy store @
Hope you'll take a peek!
Until next time...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Dream Trip

For years now, I've been wanting to go to Iceland.

I don't know why or even where this idea came from, but a trip there would truly be a dream trip for me.

I honor of this trip, I created a new treasury that captures the beauty of the island both in photos and in artistic pieces that were inspired by the country.

I hope you enjoy it:

Have a great weekend!!!

Until next time....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring, St. Pat's Day & Bunnies!

Hey guys!

Well, the Olympics are over and I can get back to this now. :)

As you can see from my bunnies here, (and my Etsy-mini to the right) I've been busy creating and trying to get into the Spring mood.

I have to admit, I'm quite the Winter person. All year long I look forward to Fall/Winter and normally hate Spring and Summer.

But you know? We've ALL had a hell of a Winter this time around. And this year??? I cannot WAIT for the Cherry Blossoms to bloom, the birds coming back, the warmer weather and not looking like the Sta-Puf Marshmallow man in tons of's time this Winter ended and for the pretty colors to come on back.

As St. Pat's Day celebrations start next week, I made sure to make some pieces to get you in the mood and feel lucky all year long!

Oh and what do I mean by "next week"?

Well here in my town, we ALWAYS celebrate on parade day. Usually the Sat. before St. Patrick's Day (unless St. Pat's actually falls on a Saturday) the festivities begin after the parade has ended. And then it's every man and woman for themselves. LOL

So be sure to check out my Shamrock goodies!

As for the Spring season? If you're like me, you think light, pretty pastels....Easter Egg colors, tulips (my favorite flower btw) anything to take the Winter gray's go bye-bye.

So I've made a few pairs that, while similar in style, use some fun and pretty light colors. They can be casual or dressy and can even make pretty gifts.

Finally, my bunnies!

(click on the pic above for a better look at them in all of their cuteness)

I do have more of these little guys but for now, I wanted to get at least one pair of them up. I hope you think they are as cuddly as I do!

I hope you all like my newest pieces...gonna do something different this time and leave you all with a nice pic of our local Cherry Blossoms from last year. We can all use a little pretty!

Until next time.....