Monday, October 12, 2009

Possible Front Page???

Sometimes treasuries just come together in all the right ways!
This is my new one (just went up tonight) and it features Fall leaves in all their spectacular glory.
The photography for these pieces is especially stunning and really helped me to pick out these items.
As usual, I started in the last pages of my search--rather than using the first few pages--I go right to the last ones.
Because these pieces were listed first and sometimes have been there for months--I want to shine a light on them.
I found talented people with exceptional pieces and the treasury to your left is the result.
I'm really hoping that this one makes the front page. If they are looking for great pics to put up there, these sellers got it goin' on!
To see this treasury in action (it's live until Thurs. the 15th):
Enjoy, thanks for looking and as always...
Until next time...


  1. Great job on the treasury! Your jewelry is beautiful.

  2. That is one gorgeous treasury! I like that you look at the last pages, it's so easy to get buried.