Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank Goodness for 'Vacation Mode!'

Well, I'm not on vacation. However, I am doing my first crafts fair in 10 years or so this weekend. So to make sure I will have inventory for the show, I put my Etsy shop in 'Vacation Mode'.

Soooo simple to do and for me right now a necessity.

If you're not familiar with this function, you just go into your control panel in the 'your etsy' page and on the left-hand side, hit 'vacation mode'.

It will 'hide' your items from buyers but not close your shop until you take it out of 'vacation mode'.

You will also see an option to leave a message to your shop visitors to let them know when you will be back.

Just that simple.

I do feel a little bad because one of my pieces is currently featured in a treasury, (thanks kiwibird1 !) If you click on my piece, you will get the description page, but it does say that I'm 'away'.

So until Sunday of this weekend, my shop is in 'vaca-mode' and hopefully when I reappear, most of my items will have sold on Saturday to make way for new pieces!

Until next time...

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