Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crafts Fair Hangover

Hey all,

So yesterday I did my first crafts fair in 10 years. While I didn't sell as much as I wanted to (but then, who does?) I did sell a bit more than I thought I would.

I did work very hard to get this one off the ground...and learned many lessons that will help me with future fairs:

1) Doing over 24 hrs. of beading work in three straight days only gives you headaches and makes your eyes go loopy.

2) Going into beads stores with a game-plan is always a good idea...but keep in mind that you will spend at least $50-100 more than you planned at each one. (it's called 'feeding the addiction')

3) Good for you or not, caffeine is just the most wonderful stuff on Earth.

4) Unless you enjoy resembling a pretzel, get up at least once and hour and walk around while creating your pieces. (and keep a heating pad handy!)

5) Having the support of friends and family is just above all, the best thing ever!!!

Now, having learned all of this, I am now ready to go forth and prosper (geek test) and find other shows to sell my pieces. Getting one step closer to making this a full-time job...

...although, I am all for hitting the lottery at ANY moment!

Until next time...


  1. Ah, yeah, it takes a couple of days to recover, doesn't it? I hope you had fun, and some yummy festival food!

  2. Oh I wish there had been more food! Just hot dogs and popcorn. Wasn't a big venue--but could've used more food definitely. And nothing deep-fried! lol

  3. I haven't done one in a long time either, but, it is definitely a lot of work. So, enjoy your deserved time off.