Monday, September 20, 2010

Lots of smiles at the crafts fair....

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that the crafts show yesterday went VERY well! I met the nicest people and sold a whole lot of earrings.

My first customer of the day really set the tone..."I'm so happy you're here again. I bought earrings from you last year and wear them all the time. Was hoping you'd be here so I could get more." What a wonderful way to begin the day. :)

The day ended just as great. A woman who had come by earlier showed up out of breath just as I was getting ready to pack up and go home. Turns out, she (literally) ran home to get her checkbook so she could catch me before I left for the day. She purchased a pair of earrings that I hadn't even seen her look at when she was there before--I was in such shock that she did this and I left the fair smiling ear to ear.

Everyone was so great yesterday. We ended up situated next to the same group we had last year...all of whom are just fantastic people. So glad I did this fair and can't wait until the next one!

Now while I have you here, wanted to let you all know that I've listed a bunch of new pieces tonight. Lots of great Fall items, a few pieces for the holidays and a few that would make great gifts this upcoming season.

As always, FREE US Shipping. :)

I hope you'll stop by the 'shop' and see what's new!

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In the last post here, there are links to my Fall/Halloween shops. Go on and take a peek!

Thanks for the visit!!!

Until next time...

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